Notable Alumni Hero
Lobster Academy ™ alumni have gained invaluable insight into today's industry with all of the challenges and opportunities. We are proud to share this partial list of Academy alumni.

Class of 2011
  • Hans Kissle Company (USA)
  • Santa Monica Seafood (USA)
  • Mastros Restaurants, LTD (USA)
  • Bjerrefisk A/S (Netherlands)
  • Lervad Consulting S.L.U. (United Kingdom)
  • Vivier's Le Petit Pecheur (Netherlands)
  • AQUALIFE (Canada)
  • R.E.D.E.S (France)
  • Government of Newfoundland (Canada)
  • Maine Lobster Outlet (USA)
  • Lobster Harvester from Newfoundland (Canada)
Class of 2010
  • Innova Seafood (South Korea)
  • Santa Monica Seafood (USA)
  • Maine Lobster Outlet (USA)
  • Dorothy Lane Market (USA)
  • Hanssons Fisk AB (Sweden)
  • Sunset Foods (USA)
  • Pomona Bureau d'achats Marée (France)
  • Litchfield Holdings, LLC (USA)
  • Pomona Bureau d'achats Marée (France)
  • Verso Brokers (Italy)
  • Krijn Verwijs Yerseke B.V. (Netherlands)
  • Kroger (USA)
  • The Lobster Pot (North Wales)
Class of 2009
  • Albion Foods – Division of Gordon Food Service (Canada)
  • Hans Kissle Co., LLC (USA)
  • Houlihan's Restaurants (USA)
  • Jamien Group (France)
  • MacGregors Meat & Seafood (Canada)
  • Nestle Prepared Foods USA – Joseph's Pasta Division (USA)
  • Rastelli's Foods (USA)
  • Redes (France)
  • Ruby Tuesday International (USA)
  • Santa Monica Seafood (USA)
  • Sobeys (Canada)
  • Thrifty Foods – Division of Sobeys (Canada)
  • Tryst Gourmet, LLC (USA)
  • World of Fishes (Dubai)

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